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Three Legged Table

Rem Art Space, with the performance project Three Legged Table: An Organism, hosts a structure that focuses on the process, and records the interdisciplinary study process of the exhibition space used as the production area, between the dates of March 11th – March 19, 2016.

The events that take place around three interrelated but also independent tables prepare the ground for a mystery: The events are precise, the collisions are cute, just like an unpredictable cat. Three Legged Table is an organism which is based on the idea of the permanent performance, makes a part of the ongoing performative actions visible in the setting and that masquerades as an exhibition. In this way, it lasts about a week or ten days, afterwards, it has to take a new form. The audience is invited however there are no pressure on participation.

In this sense, Didem Erk’s connections between the monologues and the memory which she has created by using the stream of consciousness method that reflects the nondomesticated image of the memory through a performative and nonfictional action from a chosen book; while Elif Süsler’s resolution which provides communication with “the past” by transforming our living space surrounded by building into a mask with postcards, through a healing but also ironic point of view and also Şafak Çatalbaş’s everyday changing scenario that she created through dream records by the street dialogues and the snapshot movie production project created through real-time ongoing auditions in the area come together. Therefore, these will stand for a record that represents the connection between the time and the memory.

For more information about the exhibition please send e-mail to: zeynep@remartspace.org

REM Art Space

Three Legged Table: An Organism: 11.03.2016 – 19.03.2016

Opening: 11 March, 18.30

A: Çukurcuma Caddesi No: 20 Beyoğlu – İstanbul

T: 0212 245 25 40

W: www.remartspace.org

H: Tuesday - Saturday / 11:00 – 19:00

Sunday: 12:00 / 18:00